Saturday, January 01, 2011

Wait! Here's number 10!

10. Sweet Apple - Love and Desperation (Tee Pee)
I forgot to go through all the albums I bought this year too, and wouldn't you know it, I overlooked one that was particularly solid. Cobra Verde's John Petkovic (another one of the most gifted songwriters around, for his ability to combine really sharp lyrical wit with hard rock that manages to be visceral without succumbing to lunkheadedness) and Tim Parnin joined forces with Dinosaur Jr.'s J. Mascis and Witch's Dave Sweetapple on this beauty. The cover art either spoofed Roxy Music's Country Life or paid heavy homage, it's hard to tell which. (The two scantily clad ladies both looked kind of homely, just like the original models.) And the music is much this same way: it's hard rock but with more brains behind it, than most people half Petkovic's age. I like music that makes you check your biases at the door, and this one does.

So there are 10 albums for ya.

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