Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Awwww, man!

The "How Many Good Albums..." post was written on Jan. 7 but I thought I lost it and it didn't get up, until a minute ago when I found it in the Edit file.

What's wrong with my format? I can't get anything up here. A year ago I promised Joy from Stony Brook People to link the band blog to me. AND MY FORMAT WON'T LET ME! I probably have to reformat everything to do it, but I don't have the functions. I'm probably using the wrong terminology too. And I'm not talking about music.....oy.

Percussive Clatter

Playing right now: Art Ensemble of Chicago - Reese and the Smooth Ones
I bought this yesterday at Paul's. I'm off all week because there are guys here working on our kitchen. So maybe this will get my ass in gear and I'll start posting more.

I made a whole pile of CDs that showed up in the mail. I'd like to say I will check some of them out, but that's, uh, kinda daunting.

My Volcano Suns article is up on the Blurt website: www.blurt-online.com. Check out everything while you're there.