Saturday, January 29, 2011

New records, last night's gig

It's been a John Vanderslice kind of night. There is illness in the household, except for me, knock on wood. So everyone is asleep (I hope) except me. It seemed like the ideal time to pull out JV's Romanian Names album. I've been thinking I need to revisit it ever since I received my platinum package version of his new album last week, White Wilderness.

What's the platinum package you ask? Welllll - lemme tell ya: It contains both the vinyl and CD editions of the new album, plus a one-sided six-song EP, Green Grow the Rushes (limited edition of 1000, mine being around #241), along with two 7"s of songs from Romanian Names with non-LP b-sides (and beautiful covers), plus a printed poster for the album and a photo by John himself, sealed in an envelope with sticker bearing his initials. The picture supposedly has never been printed before and never will again.

The whole thing costs $45, which is a bit of change but was almost covered by money that I got from a recent Love Letters show. Besides, it's a helluva a lot less than the Decemberists' deluxe package for their new album, which costs $165. Of course it does have a 72-page booklet, but oh well.

Speaking of the Love Letters, we played last night at Club Cafe with three other local bands. It was a pretty good time. There were folks there who were whooping for us and egging us on, so that was good. It was interesting because a few of my friends that came to see us were all from very different social circles. I always hope something like that will happen, but it doesn't very often.

We played with City Steps (which includes Bill & Kate of the Hi-Frequencies), Paul Labrise & the Trees (who organized the show) and Meeka in Jail (who were flying off the rails). Our next show is at Rock 'n Bowl on Feb. 16, which I just discovered tonight is the same night Congo Powers is coming to town.


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