Saturday, March 14, 2020

Covid-19 Cancellations

This week I wrote a story about saxophonist Ken Vandermark to preview his show on Monday, March 16. Now that show is cancelled because of the Covid-19. Here's the story to read anyway.  Check it out because Ken is a pretty fascinating artist.

Earlier this week, I interviewed Roger Miller, the great guitarist from Mission of Burma. He was going to play a solo show of music based on excerpts from a dream book that he keeps. That interview was going to turn into an article that I was going to publish here on the blog. His April 3 appearance at the Andy Warhol Museum has been cancelled, with a possible rescheduling in October. During our talk, he casually mentioned that Mission of Burma is no longer together, by the way.

Jonathan Richman took part in an email interview with me a few weeks ago, with the intention of previewing his March 25 show. I hadn't written it yet, but I had a few good headlines up my sleeve for that piece. (Since the piece could happen at a later date, up my sleeve they will stay.)

I want everyone to be safe. But it's really hard dealing with these cancellations and the feelings in general of not being around people. I miss people already.

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