Thursday, January 16, 2020

Almost Forgot to Include This

As I went to post a link to the last write-up on Twitter, I saw the faces of Kris Davis, Val Jeanty and Terri Lyne Carrington staring at me, in a link to the NPR Music Jazz Critics Poll, for which Davis' album Diatom Ribbons took top honors. "I saw them play on Sunday night," I thought. "Why didn't I include that in that last post?" Dumbass strikes again.

After I through my suitcase on the bed in the hotel room on Sunday, I ran out to the Sultan Room in Brooklyn and caught probably about half of their set. Wish I could've seen all of it (again with the bad planning) but it was enough to satiate me at least a little. Tony Malaby roared on the tenor. Davis (in the trippy picture above) made an upright piano sound like a baby grand and Jeanty (seen below) added some wild textures. This is the same Val Jeanty who came to the Andy Warhol Museum with Ravish Momin early last year. It was interesting how there were moments when Davis started a groove going in "Reflections" which got Malaby improvising. But at the same time, Davis' variations on that riff made her the center of attention in the piece.

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