Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grammy predictions?

Our PC at home stopped letting us get online about two weeks ago. It looked like a browser problem. Then mid-week last week, it started acting really wonky, warning us that it needed to be defragmented. If this ever happens to you, don't follow the steps because as you might have guessed it's a virus.
My laptop has managed to escape unscathed so far, but it wouldn't let me download a program that's supposed to help to fix it. This all means that I haven't had a chance to do much of anything at home except writing assignments that are for deadlines. Pittsburgh City Paper ran a quickie preview that I did for Kid Congo Powers. He's playing at Howler's on this coming Wednesday. The Love Letters are playing Rock 'n' Bowl that same night, but I'm hoping that I can still make it over to catch the show after we're done since we finish around 11:30.
Soooooooooo, the Grammys are on tonight. I'm shocked that they're letting the Arcade Fire play. Sure, they're nominated for Album of the Year, but that's pretty bizarre too. There are probably a lot of people out there who are going to see watch the band and say, "Who are those people? Does anyone really like them? People only like bands like that because no one's ever heard of them."
I'll probably stick with my usual Sunday night tv: reruns of Mike Hammer with Darren McGavin in the title role (although by now I've seen all of them several times) and Everybody Hates Chris.
Or maybe I'll turn the damn tv off and review albums.
That's my prediction.


nevermore said...

Well, when I just learned of the passing of Mr. Shearing, I headed to your blog first. I suppose the computer problem thing, or being a bit overcome, or general life duties have something to do with not seeing a tribute, but I'll look forward to one eventually.
On another note, I think Arcade Fire made their statement with their choice of Month of May and megaphones and banging and shouting, along with Ready to Start..."businessmen, they drink my blood..." Perhaps an updated version of Costello/Radio Radio on SNL in a way. Or not. Times change. And we must too, to stay relevant.

nevermore said...

by the way, "nevermore" is your oldest brother.

shanleymusic said...

J, now I want to search for the footage of their performance to see what happened. I was switching back forth between the awards ceremony and other shows (including the aforementioned Mike Hammer) and eventually gave up on seeing them. They're an indie band, I thought, so what's the best that'll happen to them tonight?
Well apparently an award. That's still pretty crazy. It makes you wonder if the academy (as it were) had a big turnover of members: out with the guys who vote for what represents the voice of America and in with a crew that really has a feel for what makes compelling music.
Considering the Decemberists went to #1 the first week of their release, do you think they'll be in the running next year?