Saturday, June 26, 2010

Other stuff I wrote & "Mark your calendar" info

All the CD reviews here on the blog focus mainly on jazz, but that's because I've written about the rock and the roll for other places. Last week at Blurt, they ran my review of Goodbye Killer, the latest album by my beloved Pernice Brothers:

This week, I filed a review of the Germs' final performance, Live at the Starwood, December 3, 1980, which ought to be up any day now. They also have a few reviews in the can from me, the names of which I'll drop when they're up on the site.

There's a pretty interesting singer-songwriter named Rebecca Pronsky coming to Pittsburgh in a few weeks. I just wrote a preview for her July 8 show for City Paper. That'll be up on the site and in print by Wednesday. In the meantime, check her out at She has a really great voice that's a lot like Neko Case. Her 2007 album Departures and Arrivals is especially strong, though she also did an EP last year called The Best Game in Town.

Speaking of shows coming to Pittsburgh, free improv drummer William Hooker is coming here on July 12! [Date corrected since this entry was initially published.] That should be a pretty great show because his new album Yearn for Certainty is really strong. I just filed a review with JazzTimes. It has Sabir Mateen playing saxophones on it, and he really sounds great. (He's also on the latest from trombonist Steve Swell, which I also wrote about for JT. It's a great album and Mateen is really earth shattering there too.) Hopefully Sabir will be coming with Hooker.

Before that show happens, Kahil El'Zabar & Hamiett Blueitt are coming back to town on July 5 to the Thunderbird Cafe. Thoth Trio is opening, which is kind of a rare event in and of itself because those guys are all on different schedules and rarely get a chance to play together.

And the big show I already have tickets for................... drum roll, please....... on July Johnny Mathis!

Yes, that's right folks, I'm going to see Johnny freakin' Mathis. Two friends of mine from work (one is Erin from the Love Letters) and I all thought we ought to check it out. Since all three of us thought the same thing, it's a slamdunk. Expect a dispatch.

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