Saturday, March 06, 2010

Last Week - Part Four: Allison Miller & 2 Degrees of Separation

I'm sitting here trying to figure out an opening line for a review of John Lundbom & Big Five Chord's Accomplish Jazz CD and it's not coming. I'm making it harder than it needs to be.

So let me just wrap up the news that's by now almost two and maybe three weeks old about my week of music, which actually began on February 21. But actually this part of it started further back than that.........I think........ aw, screw it:

Allison Miller - a fine, fine drummer. She has a new album coming out this month and it just so happens she's playing Club Cafe the same day it drops. If that wasn't cool enough, Myra Melford is the pianist with her on that tour. Bassist Todd Sickafoose and violinist Jenny Scheinman are also along for the ride.

Before I talked to her two weeks ago, I had no idea about the show. I was calling to talk about her new album with those cats, Boom Tic Boom. The interview was for a JazzTimes article, which I filed last week, bringing all the deadline stuff to a close for the big week of music.

Allison and I have one degree of separation. One of her best friends used to live and play in a band with my ex-bandmate Megan Williams from Up the Sandbox. I was explaining this to UTS' singer Leslie Fleisher, and before I could get to her name, she said, "Are you talking about Allison Miller?" Turns out her girlfriend went to college with Allison. Maybe Allison should cover an Up the Sandbox song because of her connection to the band.

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