Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My two sonny boys

This picture was taken a few weeks ago. Brisbane was never to sure about Donovan, but on this day he knew better.


djWhoreMore said...

i´m a dj from oslo-norway. currently putting together a series about US alternative music on a show i've had on RadioRakel fm 99,3(for 12yrs now)

on the search for "barbie likes to die" on mp3.
as i understood you played in the band who performed it.

personally i remember it...being on a tape a car...when being an exchange student mississippi(from 1990-93)...thinking that song was the coolest!

x dj WhoreMore

shanleymusic said...

Wow - It's funny that you're writing now because a few ex-Bone of Contention members and I have been chatting on facebook about the album "Barbie" was on: 48 Points of View. It'll be 20 years in January since it came out.
That's really great to know that somebody who heard it as an exchange student still remembers it!
Another reason you're writing at a good time: I just burned the album onto CD for people who don't have turntables. I could send you a copy. or if you'd like the whole album, I could send it to you. I'll send you an email with more info.
Thanks. When I first saw your name I was worried the message was going to be a porn spam. Glad I was wrong!

sovawanea said...

I have been looking for the song barbie likes to die quite literally for ears! i would LOVE a copy of the song if it is still available! that was one of our favorite songs in college! email me at if it is still a possibility

slinkmaster said...

I just found this thread and I know it's a few years old, hoping someone will still read this, I used to play Barbie Likes To Die on my college radio show and would love to find this, used to play it on vinyl... Thanks!

shanleymusic said...

Slinkmaster - Thanks for writing. Send me an email at and we can talk about getting you the song. I still have copies of the vinyl. - mike