Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Detroit International Jazz Festival

Just got back today from Detroit. Too much to say and one post won't cut it. But I'll start with one of the final moments. Ran into TS Monk in the hotel bar last night. His group had played "Off Minor," using the big band charts from the Town Hall Concert, which is my favorite version of that tune. It got me right here and I had to tell him that. The younger Monk proceeded to testify on the power of his father's music and the simplicity of it. So much so that I wasn't sure I was going to get away from him without an hour-long oration.
Not to say that I didn't enjoy hearing it. The guy is cool.
So it made three hours of sleep and a 5 a.m. lobby call worth it.


nevermore said...

looking forward to hearing the details...gotta get the immediacy of twitter going with that visit to MoTown...twitpics at the bar with Monk and all...jus sayin...

shanleymusic said...

Yeah, I know. But that's not enough characters for me. I bought a laptop but it didn't have the internet hook up set up in time. Check out day one dispatches!