Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm so bleeding happy

After months of wondering and fruitlessly searching throughout Blogger, I finally figured out how to change my template and add a list of blogs that I like. And now I'm able to allow peeps to subscribe to the blog. Believe me, it was often frustrating, but now I'm happy that it's there. I felt like I was really blogging off in the background, where no one could ever hope to find me.


Amy said...

I'm glad that you posted your link so that I can subscribe!

We were just talking about you the other day - we couldn't remember the name of "InPittsburgh" but finally came up with it. We were reminiscing about the good old days of free weeklies... ;-)

shanleymusic said...

Ah yes the good old days. I try not to think about them too much because it can get depressing. Gotta look forward.

Anonymous said...

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