Sunday, April 05, 2009

When it rains, the assignments come in

All the interviews have been conducted and transcribed for my Sean Jones story. That's actually the hardest part - the transcribing, that is. Now comes the, uh, easy part: writing the article.
Then when I'm done with that, I have to do an interview for another music preview. And then I have to write 2 reviews for JazzTimes. Then I have to do an interview and write another article for the following week.
Why do I have a day job? Or rather, where did all this writing stuff come from? I wish I wasn't such a fragile person, who enjoyed sleep so much. I'd be set.

Checked out the Blue Note 7 last night at the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild. Great band. I thought about hanging around in hopes of meeting Ravi Coltrane afterwards, but there was already a handful of people by the stage door. I figured, if I did get to meet him what would I say? Then in the car, I answered the question: Blending Times is a really cool album. Maybe he would've appreciated that. Maybe he'd be relieved not to asked about his dad. Oh well, too late. Ravi, I do really like album, just so you know. He looked cool up there. Actually the whole band did, in that kind of classic, dead-serious/ready to play Blue Note kinda look. I dug that.

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