Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today I filed two reviews with Blurt and we're now allowed to add a hyperlink to our bylines so that readers can be connected to our personal blogs, providing the writer has one. So you know what that means: gotta get moving and write more often. Tomorrow I'm off with Donovan all day, and I hopefully will be talking to Rudresh Mahanthappa during the kid's naptime. But maybe, just maybe I can find time to post the rest of the Bernard Stollman interview that I transcribed right around the time that I made the most previous post.

Funny, I wander around Facebook when I'm online and check my email, which only takes a few minutes, at most. And then I lollygag, which is precious time I could spend on this blog.

But none of this has anything to do with music, and I boo-hoo about it all the time. Consider it a sign of better things to come.

By the way, SXSW is going on now. I, the music writer, am not going. My brother, the guy who started the first punk band in Pittsburgh but doesn't play music and now works in advertising, is there. Where's the justice?

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