Saturday, December 22, 2007

Coffee and jazz

Playing right now: Brook Benton - It's Just a Matter of Time [is that the correct title?]

Every Friday at work, I sample a different coffee for two hours. A couple months ago, I convinced the heads of the store to change the satellite radio to jazz for the duration of the sample. Usually at 1:00 p.m. - technically the start of the demo - I'm doing some last minute scrambling to get stuff together. Not this week. I was ready before 1:00 and not only that, after making the inner store announcement that I was starting, I walked onto the floor in time to hear Hank Mobley kicking off "This I Dig Of You." I should've taken it as an omen of good things to come. Because the music selection was pretty solid - Monk's Blue Note version of "Misterioso," some Jazz Messengers, some solo Lee Morgan which I think came from The Rumproller, which I still need to get one of these days.

When I was getting ready to leave around 7:30, they still had the jazz on and Bobby Timmons' trio version of "Moanin'" came on. One cat who works there wondered who it was because he said he didn't like it. I assured him it's a great version and that he just misses the horns that he knows from the Art Blakey version. I just bought that Timmons album last week and it kicks serious butt. He was a real bad ass. He did just as much for hard bop as Horace Silver, he just died young. I might go burn that album to disc for my work buddy now.

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