Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What, no Paul Chambers?

Playing right now: you mean in my head? I think it's Jimmy Giuffre.......one of those trio things. But not Free Fall. I bought that recently and that stuff is cah-ray-zee.
But seriously, folks the room is silent, save for the thump that Donovan just made in his crib. (Is that a hint, boy?)

Last week I bought a pile of records from a woman who had yard sale a few weeks back. At that time, she said there were a bunch of records in her house and that if I left my number she'd get back in touch with me. That usually never works, but this time not only did it work, but she also had a bunch of jazz. Good stuff too - lotta Blue Note that dated to the late '60s/early '70s, judging by the record labels.

For the uninitiated, Blue Note's labels changed slightly as the years went by: first they had a Lexington Avenue address on them, then the address changed to W. 63rd Street, then it simply said "New York, NY." Liberty Records later purchased the label so it said "a division of Liberty Records," and later it was a division of United Artists.
Lest I be neglectful: some of those early records had the coveted (and I'm not kidding) deep groove, which is the groove/impression underneath the label, just below the "33 1/3 Microgroove" on the label artwork.
These things get collector's slobbering. When I see one on eBay, it's more a case of "Wow, it'd be nice to have that, but oh well," during auctions. That mood changes to "People are crazy," when you see how much the winner bid on it.

I think I've talked about that in earlier posts, so let's get back to our story.

She took me up to the room where seven overstuffed boxes of records sat and yes, there was much jazz. The Blue Notes were folks like Stanley Turrentine and Duke Pearson, who I'm curious to hear. Mosaic Select reissued his albums in one mini box but some of the descriptions gave me pause. Now I can see for sure what he's all about. But I did find a nice copy of Lee Morgan's Delightfulee too.
I found a copy of the Fugs second, and best, album with the rare cover, the red shield with their bodies superimposed on it. And a mono copy of the Mothers' Freak Out.
All in all, I got a little over 100 pieces. That ought to hold me for awhile.
When I got home that day I was looking at the Mosaic catalog in my bathroom and saw the Paul Chambers set they have and it reminded me that I had been dreaming of finding a copy of his Blue Note album Whims of Chambers. Aw mannnnnnnnnn, I thought. And how about some Larry Young? A nice copy of Unity would've blown my mind. That came out around that time.

I can't be satisfied.

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