Friday, June 01, 2007

How could I forget these?

Of course, there were a few records that I got in the record hunt (see last entry) that I had neglected:
Cecil Taylor - Indent
Sam Rivers - Crystals
Charles Tolliver - The Ringer

Those are three names that you shouldn't forget, but of course when you have piles of albums that are stacked with no rhyme or reason, it's easy to do that.

I won my first record in Jerry's Records jazz auction!! Finally got lucky. It's Wayne Shorter's Adam's Apple. I also bid on Bobby Timmons and Archie Shepp but didn't get them. Wish I could stay home from work and just listen to it today. I could stop up there, come home and listen to it and when I'm done listening to that, get into the CDs I bought yesterday: Albert Ayler's Love Cry and Sunny Murray's Sunny's Time Now. I checked them each out once already, but want to hear them again. In fact yesterday I drove around with Donovan in the car while playing Albert Ayler. Don't worry I kept the speakers in the back seat on low volume so as not to freak him out and have him do his own Ayler imitation.

I think I'm actually going to try to get to some estate/house sales this weekend. Jennie is having one here on Sunday in case anyone is interested. 10 a.m. No earlybirds, folks.

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