Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What I did this morning

This posting was written this morning. Half way through I got the flash notice that said "not able to find Blogspot" or something like that.

Anyway, read on....

Playing right now: Quasi - When the Going Gets Dark
Trying to decide if I should do one long entry, broken into several sections, or several separate entries. As you read this, of course the decision will have been made, but the thought process is still going on as I type.....
Last Thursday was Amoeba Knievel's show at Quiet Storm with Setting Sun. And Black Forest. We didn't know Black Forest was playing until we got there. Actually I checked my email right as I left work and there was a message from Gary from Setting Sun who mentioned them. I wasn't sure if they were a local band or a group that was touring with them. They were local. And in high school. And they were pretty good. Their originals sounded good, but they covered "The Wind Cries Mary" and "A Friend of the Devil" which sort of seemed to go against the rest of their material which was a little more in the indie rock/straight forward vein.
Setting Sun were awesome, just like last year when the Fearnots played with them. They're a trio from NY, actually from a borough just outside of Manhattan, but I forget where. Erica, their drummer, does this thing where she rocks back and forth while she's playing and sometimes she focusses her playing all on the snare drum, sometimes just playing with one hand and singing harmonies real loud. She's fun to watch. Gary is a great songwriter. And they had a new bass player this time out, Johnny.
But we were setting up to play, we were informed that we had 20 minutes to play. It was only 10:00. Now nobody told us that coming in. And at the same time, no one asked. There was a breakdown in communications with the band, when at the end of the night Tommy said he thought I had booked the show. He booked it. I merely put in a good word for us.
But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself......
So we planned to cut the set short as we went. We tore into the songs with reckless but focussed abandon. Great props from Tommy A. But the soundman decided at the end that it'd be okay if he didn't give us the "one more song" or hand-across-the-throat-cutoff gestures, and just turn off the p.a. So that was it.
But Setting Sun liked us.
Got up for the estate sales on Saturday. Found one in Sq. Hill that had a bunch of records w/out covers and a pile of covers, some with records. Among the batch I found an album by Pittsburgh pianist Walt Harper that I had to pick up in part because trombonist Nelson Harrison is on it. I met him when I used to go to the Crawford Grill and he's one of the coolest people you'd ever want to meet. Just a fountain of history and energy. The record's funny: there are versions of "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In" and "Grazing in the Grass."
The big take at that sale was a handfull of 45s, which I usually don't look at. But this stack of promos looked as clean as the albums looked dirty.
2 copies of the Temptations' "Run Away Child Running Wild"
David Ruffin's "My Whole World Ended" (on red vinyl!!)
The Sundae Train, who looked curious and worth it and are on a label called B.T. Puppy Records. They kind of sound like the Cyrkle, but not as good
The Uniques' "You Don't MIss the Water." It was in a fancy sleeve with the label logo (Paula Records) on it. I looked them up and they include Joe Stampley, who became a country star.Beau Brummels: "Cherokee Girl"
Everly Brothers: "I'm On My Way Home Again"
Ray Bryant: "After Hours"/ Quizas Quizas Quizas". Bought this one mainly for the B-side, which Nat Cole did on his Cole Espanol album. Ray's version is a little funkier.
Eddie "Knock on Wood" Floyd: "I've Got to Have Your Love" on Stax. Let's just say "KNock on Wood" it ain't.

The other sales I went to weren't all that good. Or I went on the wrong day.


I FINALLY finished reading Blowin' Hot and Cool a book I had to review for JazzTimes. I thought I'd never get it read. But that's because I didn't budget my time as well as I should have. Plus I have this problem where I kept nodding off while reading it. maybe it was author John Gennari's problem and not mine. Sorry, John.


I have to weigh in on this: An original copy of Hank Mobley's Soul Station went for $1050 on eBay yesterday. That's right - no decimal point needed there. One grand + fifty. And the thing was, the bidding went to $1000 and stayed there for a day or two before the final escalation.


I don’t either. Maybe get a new roof. Go on vacation for a week.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m into finding original Mobley albums as much as the next guy, but I could never justify paying $100 for a 47th Street Blue Note record let alone one-thousand freakin bucks. Even if that IS supposed to be his best album. I’d like to meet the winner. Maybe I should do an interview with him here.

Blogger has told me twice that my connection was lost as I was writing so I’m now typing in a word document with the hopes of pasting it in when I’m done.

Have to get ready to do an interview for JazzTimes. And the shower beckons. Then work.

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