Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More on Mascott

Playing right now: Nothing

Just finished doing some work stuff online.

Breakfast music today was Mascott's Dreamer's Book. I was thinking about the last entry where I talked about wanting to hear it and today - the first day back to work after 2 days off - seemed like the ideal day to do it. Sigh. What a dreamy album (no pun intended).

We have something to tell you
It came to us in a dream
The Words they're for free
All you have to do is see
L.O.V.E. (sung as "lah-la lah-la lah-la lah-la")

Oh Kendall Jane Meade, you can brighten up someone's morning. Although when "Time Waits" came on, it took me back a couple years to when I was still at Pulp and I almost got kind of sad thinking about how those days are gone. Back then, I would listen to the disc on headphones and that's when all the subtle arrangements started to stick out. All the guitars sounded gauzy and rich. There was a lot but nothing is over-arranged or produced. That was at a time when I felt like I rarely had the chance to get to know an album, because each week there was no junk to quickly digest and write about and chuck before the next thing came along. It was always such a struggle to keep up and feel like I was getting the right info across in my writing.

But anyhow, the time trip back to the Pulp days didn't let it drag me down.

This weekend two years ago, the Mofones played at Ladyfest in Columbus. The night before our show, Mascott played on an awesome bill with the Naysayer and Scrawl. I had only seen Mascott once and that was a few months earlier when they came to Pittsburgh with the Naysayer. It was a really fun night seeing all those groups. Scrawl hadn't played in a while and I hadn't seen them in years. It was so sweet that Marcy of Scrawl remembered my face and thought I was some long lost Columbus dude, while she actually remembered me from Pittsburgh and years gone by.

Me and Anna from the Naysayer had become acquaintences by that time. The Mofones played with them and she had slept at our house once. She dedicated the song "Kitten Time" to me because of Ivy's passing. See, she had taken a photo of Ivy when she stayed over.

Anyone reading this should go to Kendall's website right now to find out what she's up to. Either or to her label: Tell her I sent you.

While packaging up records today, I listened to Ole Coltrane. I think I wrote about that earlier, so no need to repeat.

Between going to work, showering, go through the car wash, I listened to Heernt, a band I'm reviewing for JazzTimes.

good night.

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